Radio again

Just a random plug.  I found a new radio station in Central Indiana  91.9 FM.  It plays totally random music.  Okay, eclectic.  As long as I can remember, I’ve been complaining about radio.  Oldies stations only play oldies (and how did oldies come to mean 80’s? never mind, different rant).  My NPR station tends towards classical music.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the intelligent talk, but I like music.  Talk stations rant.  Humorous DJs aren’t very funny and are often vulgar.

One day last week I was trolling for a new station, and I heard French.  Then an oldie.  Then something I’d never heard before.  Then some classical, symphonic music.  I’m hooked.  I don’t like everything I hear, but that’s okay.  There’s something different.  I just heard 3  different versions of Louie, Louie–and one with words you can understand.  I’m entertained, I’m curious about what’s coming next, and nobody is making fart jokes or ranting about health care.  I’m hooked.

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