The Vampires again

We have been redoing our yard and our new neighbors have been fixing up theirs as well.  The difference is that we hired someone and they are doing it themselves.  They have been out almost daily chopping, planting, mulching, creating borders.  They wear me out.

They’ve done a nice job, with some redwood Adirondack chairs and lots of plants in and near their screen porch. (Our kitchen windows look out over their driveway and backyard.  I’m not spying.  Really.  I’m really not. I swear.)  Just the other night I noticed that they have some tiki torches —

Wait a minute!  I get it now.  Pitchforks and other garden implement, torches — they’re not vampires, they’re the villagers ready to storm the castle.

Hmm.  That means there are vampires around here after all.  I’ll go buy a pitchfork.

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