Oh, the Wells Fargo Wagon…

It’s going to be hard on my budget,  being home with Internet access.

It all started when I refilled my maintenance meds online.  While I was on line, I ordered some coffee pods.  We’d just tried to buy some new drip trays  at the big box hardware store, but they didn’t fit our range.  So I went to the manufacturer’s website and found a picture that looked right, and ordered a large one.  They didn’t have the small one in stock, so I wrote down the part number and went to another site and ordered that. Then I clicked a link and discovered that another site had a sale and no shipping and handling on a new patio rug, and while I was there I ordered cushions.

After a few days the orders started coming, one or so a day.  A clunk and then a box at the door.  A clunk and a rolled up carpet.  Just long enough after I’d ordered them that the pain of paying was forgotten. This could become a bad habit.

All I can say is, “Oh thithter, thithter!  Ithn’t that the motht marvelouth thilver thomething you’ve ever theen?”

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