Sadly, not vampires

For several years the house behind us has been vacant.  Our elderly neighbor had had to move out, and in the past few months the family had been working on it.  About a month ago we started hearing noises.  Lights came on in the evening.  There was a papa-san chair in an upstairs window.  But there was never anyone there during the day.

As any one would, I figured we had vampires for neighbors.  No one was ever there during the day.  But I’d hear a car drive up after dark, after I’d gone to bed.  I’d hear the door slam,  peek out the back window and see shadows behind the new shades. They were so obviously vampires.  There was no moving van, no parade of people carrying in furniture.  Just shadowy figures after dark.

Well, we met them the other day.  During the day.  Perfectly normal people who were maintaining two households until they could move.  “I bet you thought we were vampires or something.”  “No, of course not.”

There’s a pretty cool hole at the base of one of our trees.  Maybe the little people will move in. One can only hope

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