Lame Duck

Well, I did it.  I pulled the plug.  I took my retirement papers downtown, got them notarized and everything.  It’s official.  I am a lame duck teacher.

I’m contemplating now how I’m going to use my lame-duckness.  I am immune. It’s like getting teacher of the year, only better.  I’m burnt out, but if I re-ignite and burst into flames at school, well, I have 7 million sick days because being sick is too much work.  If my primary and secondary measures are not up to par, you can’t put me on an improvement plan.   Friends, I’m out of the running for the ‘merit pay’.  Are my missing work packets incorrectly stapled? Sorry, my bad.  Am I sending too many kids to the office? Writing too many referrals so I look incompetent? Don’t care. No more carrots and sticks for me.  I’m a lame duck.

So what do I do with this awesome power?  Become that teacher with the laminated lesson plans and the worksheet packets? Mouth off at meetings? Commit professional suicide because I’m leaving anyway?

Probably not.  I’ll keep on keeping on. I am a professional.  I will stay professional.  I may be a lame duck, but my ducklings still need me, so, like Dorie, I’ll just keep swimming.


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