It’s our circus

Facebook shared with us what purports to be a Polish proverb:  Not my circus.  Not my monkeys.

I’m trying to take it to heart, but I’m torn.  I’m trying to be silent in the endless meetings and professional development.  I sat in the last one and practiced writing not my circus, not my monkeys in my best cursive. Boxed it in.  Bubble letters.  I felt like a student again, except I wasn’t trying out my name and his name.  I was trying to not to hear anything.

Yet I have my circus and my monkeys. I have my classroom, my circus, filled with my monkeys.  What goes right is on me.  What goes wrong is on me.  I have the utter idiocy going on in the Indiana Statehouse: schools that accept vouchers not having to take the same ridiculous standardized tests as public schools.  Governor not understanding that if you double the amount of questions on a test, and make them harder, it stands to reason that the test will take longer.  I write letters and e-mails, I share information, and I get really depressed.

Our education system is not broken.  Not yet.  They’re sure trying.  Almost 12 hours of testing this spring.  Teachers spending hours filling out forms and collecting data to prove they’re teaching instead of teaching.

Some of what goes on at school, yes, not my circus, not my monkeys.  But educating our children? The monkeys are running our circus.  It’s time to take it back.  #IStandwithRitz

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