I understand that for most people, Monday is the worst day of the week and Friday is the best.  Personally, I hate Tuesdays. Tuesdays and Thursdays.  They start early with a faculty meeting or a committee meeting or some such meeting. Then duty…supervising kids as they come in.  Then team meeting.  Twice a week, team meeting.  Basically two solid hours of pointless, pointless meetings–then about one half hour to run copies, prepare props, grade papers, call parents,read emails,  try to talk to counselor about depressed kid, un-jam the copier, prepare required extra copies of the work with the correct cover sheet for that evening, and oops, kids in three minutes…do I have time to go to the bathroom?  Then it’s kids all day. Walk them to lunch, eat lunch while organizing a new stack of papers, pick up a new group from lunch, pick up the next group from lunch, change everything out between classes because it’s a different grade level and whoa, day’s over.  Organize, straighten, paper clip, call parents, log misbehavior…and it’s an hour after school is out and did I ever have time to use the restroom?

Ah, but Wednesday.  Wednesday we invite kids to come in an hour early for help.  We get to help kids.  It’s so awesome, so rare. I get to help kids!  It used to be any morning, but now we have meetings, so it’s Wednesday.  Duty, then PLC, but when you’re your own PLC partner, it’s not that onerous.  And then there’s time.  Time to plan!  Time to think.  Time to breathe and use the restroom and do all the other things I have to do on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but the extra minutes make all the difference in the day.  And then, after I walk them to lunch, I get a good lunch. We make lunch for each other on Wednesdays.  I never know what it’ll be, but it’s so good. Hot, home-made food, soup or pulled pork.  Salad and chips.  Home-made desserts.  I live for Wednesdays.  I think we all do.  I feel more like a person on Wednesdays.  Less like a data machine. More like a teacher.

Remember when every day was Wednesday? When it was a surprise to get a paycheck because the job was so satisfying, like a hot meal with a home-made dessert?  When there was time for the kids? Remember?

I live for Wednesday.

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