Climate check

Climate at school. Bad.  Worse than ever.  I hope it’s not just me.  Or maybe I hope it is.

Meetings, pointless meetings.  Constant new initiatives. It’ll just take five more minutes.  Data data data.  Now we walk the kids in lines to and from lunch.  Now we assign same-day detentions for missing work.  Missing work to be provided by teacher to appropriate folder.  With correct cover sheet.  Upload your resources.  Upload work samples.  Reflect on your unit before you teach it.  Fit your objectives into the right boxes.  Call parents.  Survey:  Are you using your website?  Is your student work up-to-date?  Is there too much paper on your wall?  Use the common language.  New acronyms. Electronic copy only please.  No, half the computers on the cart no longer connect.  Autonomy and initiative not required, just data. I don’t even teach a tested subject.  Thanks for your opinion.  We’re ignoring it, but we knew we were supposed to ask.

Poor kids.  I don’t have the time or the energy to paste on the smile or the pleasant attitude.  I just do exactly what I’m told to do when I’m told to do it and if I get time to plan or grade or actually teach, well, that’s what nights and weekends are for.

Long range forecast:  No improvement in sight.  Storms ahead. Hope we all survive.

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