I should know better!

I know that TPRS is the best way to teach or learn language.  I know that going slowly and just talking with the kids will get the best results.  It’s not an “I think” or “I believe”.  I know.  Yet…as soon as I had my first absence and decided to give the kids some non-CI work, I back-slid.  The cultural worksheet on Paris led to the ‘Paris unit.’.  We TPRS’d it, but not 100%.  Not 100% is not good.  Then that led to the city unit and suddenly I’m teaching aller and contractions with à and I’m back to the being grammarhammer!  Then suddenly it’s time for grades.  We’re all messed up and confused.  Halfway through a chapter in Raconte-Moi Encore and halfway through the book unit on cities.  Okay, three days on a house project this week, three days on having fun following directions around the school next week, then I’ve got to go back to teaching them the way I know is right.

But I’m going to out something like 5 days in November, between the state conference and workshops my school is requiring me to do…and suddenly I’ll be lost and confused again.  I should know better!

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