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Seeing myself

I have a student teacher now, and it’s scary, seeing my own difficulties with teaching and TPRS magnified.  I watch her try to keep the instruction in French, and watch her forget to make the meaning clear.  It’s beautiful French, but not comprehensible.  I watch her introduce too many vocabulary words at once and watch the barometers tune out.  I watch her riffing with the superstars, not checking comprehension with the rest of them.

Dang.  I do all those things.  But I also watch her improve instruction during the second section of the same class. I watch her complimenting kids for the good things they do. I watch her disciplining with a pleasant face.  I hope I do those things, too.

Music sources

At the Indiana Foreign Language Conference beginning teacher workshop, we were asked for some sources for music to use in class.  Besides the always wonderful You Tube for current artists, there are several providers of good ‘teaching songs’.   Please add on to this meager list!

Yaheeda –songs to teach French, some Spanish and English

Todd Hawkins  –Singing the Basics   Spanish grammar songs

Etienne’s Edurock   Available at World of

Sing, Laugh, Dance and Eat (Tacos, Quiche etc.) oldie but a goodie>

I’m sure I’ll think of more later.

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